12 May 2011

Epix available to authenticated subscribers on connected TVs

Premium service Epix is making an extensive offering of programming available to "authenticated" subscribers (those buying the service from cable, DBS and telco operators).  Two elements of this are a little different from most such authenticated offerings.  First, the content offering is extensive -- over 3000 movies at any time.  Second, and more unusual is that the offering is available on TV-centric platforms like Roku, Google TV and Samsung Internet-connected TVs and Blu-Ray players; more typically, the TV Everywhere concept is about making content available on NON-TV platforms (i.e., phones, tablets, computers), presumably the TV portion was covered off by the MVPD. What this addition does do for Epix is lay some groundwork in the event that it makes a direct-to-consumer offering available in the future.

Epix press release

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