New Names for Cable Networks

This list is an attempt to capture all of the significant name changes of national US cable programming services. I have left out minor changes (e.g., Outdoor Life Network to OLN, Discovery Home & Leisure to Discovery Home, The Biography Channel to Bio) and name stylizing changes (e.g., espn2 to ESPN2, fX to FX).
If you have additions for this list, please include them in the comments. If you can include a URL of a reputable reference, I would be most appreciative.


  1. Hey Peter - checking you out here...what about AXS replacing HDNet? PS It's Howard....I had set up this blog forever ago and never used it....

  2. Thanks, Theater for the Straight Guy/Howard. That's some blog name!

  3. Peter, here is another for your list. HRTV was rebranded as TVG2 last October, following TVG's purchase of the network in February 2015.

    1. Thanks, Chris. TVG2 has been added to the updated list above.