30 August 2011

In Praise of the DVR's Incredible User-Friendliness

Compared to many new technologies, it is astounding how user-friendly the generic, cable box DVR is.  Other TV or online technologies could learn from its lessons.

The DVR has one truly great user-friendly feature - the list of recorded shows.  The beauty of this feature is a direct result of the DVR's limitations.  There are a limited number of shows (because hard drive space is limited) and the shows are all relevant to the user (because he or she chose to record them).  This list is easy to navigate (because it is short) and highly personalized.

The list of recorded shows will be easy to navigate from any phone capable of playing video.  The phone's small screen is up to the task of navigating through this simple list.  This becomes a simple and valuable implementation of TV Everywhere once the DVR storage moves to "the cloud".

The contrast with cable VOD and the current, early TV Everywhere offerings could not be more striking.

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