06 August 2013

A Milestone: An MSO's Broadband Subs Exceed Its Video Subs

For all the talk of how broadband has become the core service for cable TV operators, famously by Time Warner Cable CEO Glenn Britt in 2011, for many operators, the number of video subscribers has continued to exceed the number of Internet (or high speed data or cable modem customers). Charter, one of the largest US cable companies, hit a milestone in the second quarter of 2013. It reported 3.924 million residential high speed data customers and 3.917 million residential video customers. No other major publicly traded cable operator has ever reported that.

2Q13 Subs in 000       Video  Broadband   Broadband/Video
Comcast               21,776 19,986      0.92 
Time Warner           11,720 11,074      0.94 
Charter                3,917   3,924      1.00 
Cablevision            2,868   2,787      0.97 
TOTAL                 40,281 37,771      0.94 

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