15 June 2012

More on the Ikea TV

While the focus of my work (and this site) is the business of television, especially its distribution, I have become enchanted with the concept of a simpler TV experience. Navigation could be a whole lot better (both within the channel guide and between the different possible sources of material) and someone, someday, will do something about the multitude of wires (that is someone other than a custom A/V installer).

I wrote about the Ikea TV (product name Uppleva) in an earlier post. At the time it was little more than a press release, but a new article reveals a lot more about the product (which is due to be released in Italy, France, Germany, Poland, and, natch, Sweden, later this month) and the concept is growing on me the more I read about it.
What I like about the Ikea offering is that it appears to have done a very nice job of addressing the input issues (i.e., switching among them) and the wiring issues (i.e., having to look at them). If the screen and speakers they use are good, this might actually be something that I would recommend to others. If the screen and speakers they use are not-so-good, but easily replaceable, it might be something I'd consider, despite a deep-seated aversion to particle board. 

The Uppleva is due to arrive Stateside in April 2013.

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