04 January 2012

Another Improvement for OTT - Roku's Streaming Stick

One of the practical issues of wider OTT acceptance -- set-top box and cord clutter -- is addressed in a forthcoming Roku product, the Streaming Stick that was announced today.
Roku Streaming Stick plugs directly into the set -- no need for separate power or HDMI cords
Here are the key facts in the announcement:
  • To get power, the Streaming Stick needs to be plugged into a Mobile High-Definition Link HDMI port, which, as you may have guessed, is not what you have on your several-year old HDTV, but probably will be in your next one. For the vintage set, you'll need a power adapter.
  • This is a wifi-only device without a wired Ethernet input (unlike other Roku players).
  • The product will first be available in Fall 2012 and will show up first at BestBuy.
  • Retail price is unclear. CNET reports that it will be between $50 and $100, which would be in line with the price of other Roku players.
  • Roku claims that there are 2.5 million of its streaming players in the US alone.
For anyone with interest in minimalism, or simple order, this is a big step towards curbing the rat's nest of wires around most HDTVs.

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